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 100% VIRTUAL COURSE - Hardware NOT Required


Electronics is one of the roots and the center of the operation of many technologies, such as robotics, 3D printing, home automation, as well as part of the automotive industry, among others.

With our four Electronics courses, you will experience the inside components of electronic equipment that we use in our daily lives. Throughout the length of these courses, you will understand how these components work. Our state-of-the-art MakerSteam platform will guide you from the basics of electronics to challenging application projects regarding some of the tech areas mentioned above. 

    By taking our Electronics courses, you will learn and dominate the implementation of electronic components in personal projects.

    These are the topics covered in the course: 

    1. Voltage
    2. Current
    3. Using a Multimeter
    4. Resistors
    5. Capacitors
    6. Elementary Circuit
    7. Series and Parallel Circuits
    8. Sensors
    9. Potentiometer
    10. Actuators
    11. Passive Buzzer
    12. Microcontroller
    13. Variables
    14. Conditionals
    15. For & While Cycles
    16. PWM
    17. Photoresistor
    18. Temperature Sensor
    19. Tilt Sensor
    20. Movement Sensor
    21. DC Motor
    22. LCD Display
    23. RGB LED


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