Educational Robotics Curriculum


What is Educational Robotics 4.0?

Educational Robotics is the academic learning of the automation of a variety of processes. From the simplest or general robotics (Bionic, Commercial, Industrial, Vehicles) to the most complex or specialized robotics (Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Electronics) that empower the student’s cognitive processes.

Educationals Robotics 4.0

Novum Educational Robotics 4.0 is based on project-based learning approach in which scale replicas of everyday real-life robotics applications are built. It promotes meaningful education, truly connected to the real world. In today’s and future generations, Robotics is and will be instrumental in our daily lives.


Educational Robotics Learning Principles

Educationals Robotics Novum Education

Educational Robotics is a learning strategy where modern pedagogical techniques are applied so that students ‘learn to learn. Through Novum educational robotics curriculum students acquire multidisciplinary knowledge and develop Education 4.0 competencies for life. 

Education 4.0 competencies for life Novum Education

 Our Educational Robotics Curriculum is based on the thought process that occurs inside each student’s brain. Our program delivers a wide variety of competencies, skills, abilities, and multidisciplinary knowledge that foster and provide a unique learning experience. We combine concepts and theory with reality and practice. We seek to develop the scientific and technological skills needed in today’s world as well as in the reality of the future. We ignite student’s creativity and imagination! The sky is the limit!

Multidisciplinary Knowledge Novum Education
Learning approach: In-depth, experiential, meaningful, multisensory, discovery-driven, project-based, active, collaborative, social, holistic, micro-learning.


About our courses/camps:
  • Our courses are designed to be personalized, self-managed and self-paced.
  • We offer a progressive curriculum design.
  • With each course we offer a free evaluation test of Multiple Intelligences.
  • Everything is done in our unique and state-of-the art web platform MakerSTEAM. Each course is comprised of a certain amount of projects. Each project contains a learning sequence that goes through the 4 fundamental stages of project management and development.
  • They can be taken by a single student or in teams. Project-oriented education that fosters development of critical-thinking, and encourages teamwork and leadership.
  • Individual and group work evidence record section.
  • More than 300 of fully documented projects. Real world applications replicas.
  • Novum Educational Robotics can be taken at a recreational level or at competitive level (local, national and world tournaments). We provide support and guidance. But be sure that any path your child decides to take, she/he will develop skills that will prevail throughout his/her life.

Students become self-sufficient in their learning, gradually being able to build a mental structure that allows them to be expert lifelong learners. They will learn to learn.  

 Educational Robotics Novum Education Learn






Educational Robotics Skills Novum Education






Novum Educational Robotics kits aim to be accessible so that any student can develop a wide variety of projects and encourage innovation without the need to be constantly buying new products. The product component/modular design promotes fast and accessible assembly and programming.  



Educational Robotics Novum EducationEducational Robotics Novum EducationEducational Robotics Novum EducationEducational Robotics Novum EducationEducational Robotics Novum EducationWER Educational Robotics Novum Education  

Intuitive, user-friendly and didactic software and programming applications that facilitate analysis, diagramming, coding and operation of the robot. These tools enhance learning in a simple and straightforward way to automate a wide range of processes, such as bionic robotics and artificial intelligence, in order to empower the student’s cognitive processes.  


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