STEAM Labs and Stations

At Novum Education, we offer robust STEAM solutions for K-12 institutions. Our STEAM Labs and Stations are equipped with top-notch hardware, hours of engaging curriculum in our MakerSTEAM platform, teacher development programs, and technical support. We offer affordable and mobile solutions that leverage technology to develop competencies, skills, abilities, and multidisciplinary knowledge in students.

STEAM Labs for Elementary School, Middle School, and High School students

augmented reality

Students learn how to develop Augmented Reality mobile apps using the C# programming language.

artificial intelligence

Students develop AI projects that simulate human cognitive processes and apply them to everyday situations.

renewable energy

Students acquire an understanding of scientific concepts about the production and application of renewable energies.

internet of things

Students are introduced to home automation technology through smart home scenarios.

3D printing and design

Students develop disruptive thinking, creativity, and spatial intelligence by challenging their abilities to perceive space and object proportion.

educational robotics

Students develop projects and processes that are a scale representation of real machines or living beings. They develop transversal competencies, such as problem-solving, collaboration, and project management.


Students are introduced to industrial electric tools in a safe environment. They will develop design skills, creativity, motor skills, and spatial intelligence.


Students design, assemble, and program electronic circuits from different components, programable cards, and boards.

digital experimentation

Students will observe and have hands-on experiences as they discover basic science (physics, chemistry, and biology) principles and phenomena.

STEAM Stations for Elementary School, Middle School, and High School students

home automation

Students will explore home automation technologies as they program stations for smart homes. This station is composed of Electronics, IoT, and AI projects, as well as cross-curricular applications.

autonomous vehicles

Students will assemble and program autonomous vehicles. Robotics and Electronics are applied to control the vehicle, and the chassis and bodywork are created with 3D printing.

smart factory

Students will simulate a manufacturing cell as they program and control collaborative robots (or cobots). This station includes projects related to Robotics, AI, and IoT, as well as cross-curricular applications.


Students will design, prototype, and create products as they leverage technologies such as 3D printing, laser engraving, CNC, and manual machining.

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