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MakerSTEAM v1.0 


Is an educational web platform that fosters active learning by enabling the educational content management in areas including science, technology, innovation, invention and entreprenueurship

Self-managed and self-paced web platform with a high degree of flexibility and versatility.

  • Flexibility. Multiple ways to support a specific educational model of an institution, or a specific teaching methodology.
  • Versatility. It can be used in diverse educational environments and models:

Learning in a simple, intuitive, personalized, self-managed, and self-paced environment. Learn about the design and what is inside MakerSTEAM.


Platform MakerSTEAM
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Features and Funcionalities
  • Platform with more than 900 self-managed learning sequences.
  • Students become self-sufficient in their learning, gradually being able to build a mental structure that allows them to be expert lifelong learners. They learn to learn.
  • Teachers become facilitators, mentors, guides, counselors, teamwork, and activities managers. They will make sure students develop lifelong competencies.
  • Designed to be accessible and responsive to any type of computer or mobile device. Its contents can be reproduced in any web browser.
  • User control and management. Students upload evidence or assignments to the platform. Teachers visualize evidences or assignment from their students.
  • Includes a special teacher development module with more than 25 cutting-edge courses.
  • Can be used in the cloud or installed on an internal server/intranet.
  • Available Language: Spanish, English and Bilingual.
  • With equipment or 100% virtual asynchronous. 

MakerSTEAM promotes and develops Technical (“hard”) and Interpersonal (“soft”) skills that can be easily transferable across industries and positions.

Novum Education Academy

MakerSTEAM courses aligned with the Education 4.0 framework, and National Standards of Science, Technology and Math. 

Learn about our innovative approach to educational robotics 4.0 

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