Educational Innovation

Educational innovation is a priority in today’s teaching models.

According to Neuroscience (Londoño,2018) a current problem is that 70% of learning is quickly forgotten. Approximately 56% in one hour, 66% after one day and 75% after six days.

Research on educational innovation aims at having students not only learn the theory but also to put the learning into practice. Official data show that retention after 24 hours is 75% if practical activities are carried out, and 90% if activities and demonstrations are carried out in a collaborative environment (Torres,2005).

At a global level, educational innovation seeks to have an inclusive, collaborative, and active education to create an impact on the new generations. Today schools must have a teaching model that encourages students to study in and out of the classroom, to carry out creative activities, and to promote transversal skills and competencies that the 21st century demands. Some of those skills are knowledge, creativity, problem-solving, leadership, and teamwork. Classrooms are changing their ecosystem by creating free and innovative spaces in physical and virtual areas far from conventional classrooms.




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