Novum Specialized Labs 4.0

Are you ready to transform your institution?

New learning environments, both physical and virtual, are an essential piece in educational institutions.

We have proven experience in the design, configuration, integration and installation of classrooms and laboratories. 

We make it possible for students to build their individual and collaboratively learning through their interaction with specific and relevant elements in their environment. 

Our laboratories integrate new technologies and techniques that enable hands-on learning experience in a safe environment. All of this focused on developing core skills for the Industry 4.0.  

Novum Specialized Labs 4.0 Novum Education Renewable Energy  Augmented Reality Artificial Intelligence
Novum Specialized Labs 4.0 Novum Education Electronics Internet of Things Assistive Classroom
Novum Specialized Labs 4.0 Novum Education Educational Manufacturing Educational Robotics Laboratory of Professional Development for Teachers


Novum Specialized Labs 4.0 Novum Education 3D Printing and Design Digital Experimentation Innovation Laboratory 4.0
Novum Specialized Labs 4.0 Novum Education Language Laboratory Smart Factory Laboratory


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