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Why are we different?

We believe that it is not just about learning to code or building specific projects. Our Educational Robotics is based on the thought process that occurs inside each student’s brain. The design of our courses is based on:

  • 4 different learning principles:
    • Multiple Intelligences Theory: Educational Robotics reinforces the logical-mathematical, linguistic, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and spatial intelligences.  
    • Successful Intelligence: fosters an intelligence behavior on kids from a balance between analytical, practical, and creative intelligences to achieve success.
    • Management Theory: we promote the knowledge and use of the management process in Educational Robotics through planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating, and controlling.
    • Radical Constructivism: students actively build knowledge based on his or her own experience.
  • Multidisciplinary Knowledge: Science, Math, Computer, Coding, Robotics, Programming, Electronics
  • Project-based learning approach in which scale replicas of everyday real-life robotics applications are built. It develops critical thinking and encourages teamwork and leadership.

Students become self-sufficient in their learning, gradually being able to build a mental structure that allows them to be expert lifelong learners. They will learn to learn.

Through our Educational Robotics students will:

  • Experience real-world applications. They are able to address the same projects in different ways through different programming tools
  • Develop and promote curiosity, creativity, invention, entrepreneurship
  • Develop technology skills 
  • Develop interpersonal skills: responsibility, cooperation, empathy, leadership, active listening, frustration management, dependability, motivation.
  • Fosters student’s responsibility, commitment, and participation in the community and in the world
  • Get a broad number of projects and challenges
  • Enjoy self-paced self-directed learning
  • Learn different programming tools: Block-based, Scratch, and Flow-chart programming. C programming for experienced users. 

Our programs accommodate all levels. Learn more about our unique approach! See more...

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