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 1. Which operating systems are compatible with?

    Krypton kits are compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices.


    2. How is the connection between the mobile device and the robot (Robotics U,Krypton 3 and Krypton 5Controllers) made? 

      Through Wi-Fi. In the "Settings" section select the Wi-Fi option and then "Hotspot". The robot will display a network generated by the controller (PLC) and a password. The mobile device must be connected to this Wi-Fi network. Once the mobile device is connected, the option to "connect robot" is selected in the Abilix Krypton application by clicking the link button. Select the “hotspot” option and click "connect". Once connected, the link button icon changes to the Abilix logo. This means that the connection was successful and the robot will show on its screen a program bubble that says "Programming" indicating that the connection has been successfully made. 


      3. How is the connection between the mobile device and the robot made if it does not have a touch screen?

        To make the controller (PLC) connection without screen. In addition to the mobile device a Wi-Fi network is required. Wifi either from the home or from the educational institution. First, the mobile device is connected to this Wi-Fi network, and the Abilix Krypton application opens. In it, the Krypton model that is being used is chosen. On the main screen select the link button and it will request to link the unit. The controller (PLC) turns on and its red LED light will turn on. This means that it is looking to pair with a device. The “configure robot” option is selected on the mobile device while the robot seeks to pair with a device. Once the link button icon has changed to the Abilix logo, the connection between the two will be established correctly. 

        On the main screen, the options menu opens and the "Abilix Brain" option is selected. This will make the mobile device act as the robot's screen. 


        4. How do you update the robot controller (PLC)?

          To update the kit Controller (PLC), in "Settings" section choose the Wi-Fi option and then Wi-Fi again. This allows the robot controller to be connected to some external internet network such as that of a home or school. Once the controller is connected to one of these internet networks, in "Settings" look for the "Update" option. By this way the controller (PLC) checks if there is a newer version of firmware. If it is, it asks the user if he wants to update it. Otherwise, it displays a message that you have the latest version of your firmware installed. 


          5. How do I remove a program from the controller (PLC)?

            To remove a program from the controller, hold the bubble for the program in question. After a couple of seconds a message appears asking if you want to remove the program. By clicking "yes" the program will be removed from the driver.  


            6. What does the parental control option do?

              The "parental control" option in the "Settings" menu "About Me", inhibits the removal of programs, so that they cannot be deleted by pressing and holding the program bubble and confirming the removal by mistake. 


               7. How do I run a program on my robot if it has no screen (Krypton 1)?

                Once the robot is paired with the mobile device, in the options menu from Abilix Krypton App select "Virtual Brain". This enables the mobile device screen as the robot screen. It displays the available robot programs by sliding the program bubbles across the screen. The desired program is executed by clicking on the bubble. 


                8. How do I know if the robot is running the program?

                  When downloading a program from the mobile device to the controller (PLC), a program bubble is generated with its name. It is possible to navigate through the different programs by sliding the program bubbles. To run the desired program, click on the program bubble. The way you know that the program is running is that the program bubble rotates clockwise while the program is running. 


                  9. How long does the battery lastsand how long does it take to recharge?

                    The rechargeable battery lasts approximately 5 hours in extensive use. It takes about an hour and a half to fully recharge. 


                    10. Where can I find the Abilix Krypton application?

                    On devices with iOS operating system you can find the application in the App Store. While for devices with Android operating system, you must first download the Abilix Apps application from . From Abilix Apps application you can now download the Abilix Krypton application. 


                    11. How do I know if my motors and / or sensors work correctly?

                    First you must be sure that all the cables that connect the sensors or motors to the controller are connected properly. If it's necessary disconnect and reconnect them. If they continue to "fail" or go unresponsive, you can diagnose them in the Meet Krypton section. The Abilix Krypton application has a section called "Meet Krypton" on its main screen. This section allows you to check the operation of the components that are connected to the controller (PLC), one by one. If they show a proper operation in this section, the problem you are experiencing is probably programming. In case the component does not work in this section, it may be a physical problem with the component. 


                    12. How to disassemble a one-piece connector?

                      The kit connectors can be rigid at first and difficult to separate from the beams. To facilitate the disassembling of the projects, the kit has a set of tweezers. These tweezers have a tab that is inserted into the central slot of the connectors to pull them with greater force and to disassemble projects more easily. You can also use a longer piece like 50, 60 and 80mm tubes to push the connector from the opposite side out of the beam. 


                      13. What happens if my component rotates when it shouldn't or vice versa?

                      You can notice that most of the components such as sensors and beams have circular and square holes. Depending on the type of hole in which it is placed, it can restrict or facilitate the rotation of a part. If a part turns and it shouldn't, it may be connected in the wrong hole and vice versa. To correct this, you need to take that part out from the robot, check the orientation of the connected parts again, and put that part back to the project. 

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